Company Profile
Hangzhou Olym Sports Co., Ltd. is dedicated to designing and constructing the fastest most economical composite boats for rowing and canoeing clubs in every corner of the globe.

Our boats are made strictly from chosen composite materials with hi-tech space industrial technology. We utilize the most popular boat shape designs valued by the world-class medallist rowers and paddlers.

Located in Fuyang City - 200km south of Shanghai (the most economically active city in China) - Olym Sports supplies rowing boats, kayaks, canoes, oars and paddles for customers all over the world. The former body of Olym Sports (Orient Sports Goods Factory) is the earliest manufacturer of wooden boats and composite material boats in China. Their 18 years of boat building experience enriches Olym Sports equipment with competitive quality and outstanding performance.

Since the first wooden boat was built in 1984, around 65% of all domestic provincial and municipal teams are still using Olym Sports boats. These old wooden boats have now been retired in the "museum" (boat houses) after their historical endeavors. Today, the rowers and paddlers are proud to be owners of the fastest and rigid boats in Asia; not only catering for the high demand in China but also meeting the ever growing needs of rowers and paddlers all over the world with Olym Sport's renowned high reputation and quality. 

As the official FISA (International Rowing Federation) partner, Olym Sports is manufacturing a full range of rowing boats from singles to eights. Two shape designs are available: kayaks and canoes are made in types of K1, K2, K4 and C1, C2 respectively. The shapes are modeled from the best selling brand in Europe and valued at the World Canoeing Championships. 

We would like to thank the FISA for their treasured partnership and strong support that keeps us well versed with the rowing world. Additionally, this also guarantees that our rowing boats are manufacturered consistently in line with the standard FISA design, weight limit as well as other technical boat standards. A special mention of appreciation must also go to the FISA Materials Commission, which under the leadership of Mr. Kurt Gilbert, has been an invaluable support when Olym Sports was re-organized early 2002.

At Olym Sports, you will always find something to suit your requirements. Our factory is opened for all coaches, rowers and dealers to come visit.